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    At Behm’s Auctions & Real Estate Services, we know antiques. In fact, some of our best pieces have included everything from stoneware, glassware and china to historical papers, furniture, dolls, clocks, rare coins, firearms, paintings, and books.

    Because the antique market is a competitive one, the auction market is often the best way to obtain the maximum prices for your prized pieces.

    While in year’s past an antique was defined as anything greater than 100 years, that’s not true anymore. The market is the buyer and the buyer dictates the market. Whether you’re selling true antiques from the 1700s or Star Wars collectibles and baseball cards, today’s antiques provide a very wide range of selections.

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    Behm’s Auction & Real Estate Service has a successful track record of assisting local business owners who have needed to phase out their stock as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.  When a business needs to close down, for one reason or another, and the owners are interested in a quick, no hassle manner by which to liquidate their merchandise, the auction method is an effective one.
    There are also times in which an auction is not the best option, in which case we have completed private sales of businesses or companies.
    Over the years we’ve successfully marketed and sold businesses from a large variety of fields, ranging from bankruptcy and foreclosure to the downsizing of a present operation or a retirement closure.
    In every case, we sit down and look at all possible avenues to successfully market and promote your auction.  All in all, we will make your auction not just an auction, but an event that can’t be missed.
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    At Behm’s Auction Services & Real Estate, we’re well experienced in selling equipment ranging from light to heavy construction equipment and farm equipment to office equipment and large tools.

    Equipment auctions can come from a wide variety of sellers, such as a large company that is liquidating older equipment and looking to update, or a small business looking to change fields. Whether you have a single item or a full line or equipment to sell, we’re able to handle your specific needs.

    We have consignment auctions in which your item(s) can be part of a large sale, which often attracts more interest.  Location of an equipment auction plays a large part in its success.  That’s why, if it’s necessary to move an auction to a more accessible location, we are willing to do this to maximize your profit.
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    Whether a partial sale, or the whole estate, at Behm’s we’re able to handle everything, creating a no-hassle experience for the seller.

    And, we’re willing to work with you to make sure we generate the largest exposure to the public — whether that be hosting the auction onsite or moving the auction to a different location (Over the years, we’ve moved auctions for a number of reasons, including security, the need for a larger area for display, or to generate more exposure).

    There have been cases in which it was necessary to do more than one auction in order to liquidate an estate. For instance a large estate may have antiques, real estate, guns, glass, household, or a number of other items that could bring a higher profit if sold separately.

    Whether working with attorneys or those who have power of attorney, we provide a comprehensive overview of how we’ll market and sell the estate, from start to finish, now matter how large or small the estate.

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    Real Estates

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    Behm’s Auction & Real Estate Services has experience in selling a variety of types of real estate, including residential, commercial and farm properties or multi-parcel, single parcel, undeveloped real estate and vacant ground.

    We’re able to effectively market any type of real estate and develop a marketing plan that introduces prospective buyers to your real estate.  In most cases, real estate can be sold within 30 days of signing the contract.  With the auction form of marketing you establish an “urgency” to your real estate and in doing so create a feel of high demand and need through competitive bidding. In some situations a prospective buyer can and may make a pre-sale offer, which the seller can either accept or deny.

    All real estate pieces are sold subject to confirmation of the seller. This gives you full control of your property.

    Real estate is sold at little to no cost to the seller.  In fact, real estate is often sold with a buyers premium, which is paid by the buyer.  This is also the opportunity to obtain the highest value for your property.

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    Just as there are buyers out there for antiques, there are buyers for specialty items. Many people have valuable collections, and, at times they decide to sell.  Behm’s Auction and Real Estate Service often handles specialty items including firearms, jewelry, coins, toys, books, cars/trucks/ATVs/boars/campers, and livestock.


    We also conduct charity auctions throughout the year for various organizations, including Volunteers for Literacy, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts of America, Cameron F.F.A., and several others.


    This may seem like a difficult type of auction, but specialty auctions are just like everyday auctions. We have worked for several clients that thought they would have no way to market their particular item or items.  With our past experience, we were able to not only market their items but often obtain outstanding profit for the seller.